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If you’re planning an event and want the best skate infrastructure in the industry look no further!

Here are a few reasons why ARD should cater your next event -

  • All ARD skate ramps are fully portable

  • ARD has on offer a 68ft vert ramp with roll in (the only one of its type in Australia), 6ft mini ramp and a fully portable steel constructed street course measuring 15m wide x 35m long

  • The sheer size of the vert ramp generates excitement and anticipation before the demo even start

  • The Vert ramp can be modified to accommodate the available flooring space

  • All infrastructures have the approval from the leading skate and BMX athletes in the world, and have been signed off by structural engineers so you can be sure the infrastructure is safe and structurally sound.

  • ARD has access to the best skate, BMX and Inline athletes for your event

  • ARD can work with event media partners showcasing the infrastructure and athletes to engage public interest

  • The ramp’s can be branded with event or company logo’s and signage to create an ownership appearance for the client

  • ARD can arrange a meet and greet with the athletes before or after the show, this gives fans the opportunity to get an autograph and have their photo taken with the riders

  • All infrastructure is up to international standard and is compatible for any skate competition

  • All ARD skate ramps are shippable worldwide

  • ARD can provide full turnkey skate services including Public liability insurance, sound system for audio and an emcee to communicate to the audience during the demo or competition

  • ARD can also design and construct skate parks or one off ramps for councils, clubs or private investors

  • All skate ramps are surfaced with a smooth and fast ramp surface known as HARD. ARD created the product and is the only outlet you can purchase the surface from. It is fire, water and graffiti proof.

  • All ramps are compatible for BMX and inline

Matt Fairburn H vert bmx_2 B.jpg

ARD’s 6ft mini ramp. Fully portable and set up in two hours.

ARD vert ramp seen here at Wet N Wild.

RD’s portable street coarse 15m in width x 35m Long.

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