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This is where it all started for ARD

ARD has overseen the planning and development of numerous skate parks, including the state of art Monster Skate Park, located at Sydney Olympic Park.

Available and ready to go at any time ARD tours around the world with its very own 68tf vert ramp with roll in This monster is up to international competition standard and is a favourite to some of the best skaters in the world, with high praise from such riders as Bucky Lasik, Sandro Diaz, and Australia's own Renton Miller and Trevor Ward.

Along with the Vert ramp, ARD also tours both nationally and internationally its 6 ft mini ramp, which is very popular with local council fair days or youth festivals. ARD also boasts a street course which can cover up to 300sq/m.

ARD Portable Street Course

ARD can make skate parks for anywhere in the world just like this one we completed for Malaysia 2005 this park contains full street and vert set up but we can cater to any need you have.
Price: POA

ARD Vert Ramp

ARD have a name to die for when it comes to Vert ramps portable or permanent. We have portable Vert ramps that have been everywhere providing the worlds best Athletes a platform to perform their skills, word from them is that we are doing everything right! We surface all our ramps with HARD and take attention to detail. We don't just build ramps we ride them as well so the finished product has to be perfect or we'll be just another ramp company and that is what we are not.
Price: POA

ARD 6ft Mini Ramp

Mini Ramps from ARD come in all shapes and sizes. We have been making mini ramps since we were kids and have them down to a fine art. We now make mini's for backyards to world class parks like Monster Skatepark. We hire mini ramps for events and comps plus we can make a mini to suit you for home, let us know what you need and we can make it. Go ahead and challenge us! 
Price: POA

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