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We create a higher level of event

So you’re planning an event and want that X-factor for your gig, look no further.

Why you should have ARD’s FMX set up at your event?

  • FMX is the number 1 freestyle sport to grab the attention of all spectators

  • FMX is a major drawcard in itself, marketed correctly attendance numbers for events generally increase when FMX is part of the event schedule

  • Incredibly fast set up time. All infrastructure can roll into place and be riding within 8 minutes

  • ARD can work with event media partners to promote the show using the truck’s unique appearance and athletes to engage public interest

  • The ARD truck is the largest portable landing ramp in the sport, meaning riders have room for error should a bike fail mid air, or weather condition change while the rider is mid-flight. It is also surfaced with ARD’s specially designed textured HARD ramp surface for extra grip.

  • The ARD FMX truck is not just a ramp it’s a showpiece and creates attention and interest before the demo even begins

  • ARD FMX truck is set up to the athletes needs to perform their heart-stopping, breathtaking tricks, which will leave your audience on the edge of their seats

  • ARD can provide full turnkey FMX services including Public liability insurance, giveaways to the audience, sound system for audio and an emcee to communicate to the audience during the demo

  • ARD has a full range of athletes ready to ride including top-ranked FMX Athletes

  • A meet and greet with the athletes before or after the show, this is a perfect time for the fans to get an autograph and have their photo taken with the riders

  • ARD has a safety record second to none, the truck comes with its own safety airbag which can absorb impact up to 600kg (or three motorbikes).

  • ARD’s infrastructure is compatible for an FMX competition

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