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FMX ramps, freestyle motocros ramps

Create a bigger, more exciting event with ARD

SCARD or Stunt co-ordination of ARD was formed in 2007 and consist of ARD’s Touring operation. It focuses on Events, Logistics and Athlete performers, Athlete management, Cardiograph and Event production.  ARD have performed choreographed Skate, FMX, BMX, and water shows worldwide, working alongside the likes of ESPN Asian X games, Mirage Entertainment, Red Bull, Emaar Group Dubai, Formula 1 Grand Prix and Chinese Government. ARD has access to the best athletes throughout the world. The best of the best have all ridden ARD's ramps and rate them amongst the BEST in the world.

ARD’s can offer a variety of Touring Infrastructure. ARD have developed systems to ensure the highest standard of Ramp Design, Construction and erection.

ARD’s Touring Infrastructure have toured Australia, Dubai, China, Malaysia, Tahiti, New Caladonia, Singapore and New Zealand.


•             Freestyle Moto x Truck and Kicker (with Safety Airbag) 

•             Freestyle Moto x 20ft Shipping Container (Down Ramp, Up Ramp, Moto Bikes and Safety Airbag) 

•             6ft Mini Ramp

•             Street Course

•             Pop Up Event Containers

•             Custom Ramps

Contact us and we'd be pleased to talk through in detail exactly how we can help you create a successful and memorable event.

Our Event Infrastructure



ARD’s state of the art touring FMX truck. This rig can be driven anywhere in the world. At the time of construction, it was the widest portable FMX truck in the world!

It is a favourite of all Aussie FMX athletes who have ridden it and has had high praise from international riders as well.


Along with the touring truck, the package also includes Kicker, Airbag and Sound System to get your gig pumping. SCARD can come up with specialised choreographed shows.


ARD’s state of the art touring FMX Container. This Container can be driven anywhere in the world, at time of construction it was the widest portable FMX Down Ramp in the world! 

The package includes Kicker, Airbag and pumping sound system.

6ft MINI


ARD’S 6 FT Mini ramp is popular for council fair days and events that need that something extra. It compacts down onto three pallets so is easy to transport around and is up and ready to ride in two hours. It’s sure to be hours of fun for the kids and kids at heart at any event.



Fully portable and steel constructed street course, perfect for skate and BMX. Measures out to be 15m in width and 35m Long. Additional sections can be added on request.



68ft, competition standard Vert ramp. Tours in a 40ft container and can be altered to fit available space of event. Surfaced in ARD’s state of the art HARD ramp surface.

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